I do my best to make sure the products I work on succeed in making it to market. I have a good handle on the development process. I have worked directly with upper management, marketing, software engineering, firmware engineering, software and hardware testing, and customers to ensure product success.

During the first part of my career I  worked a lot on wireless and wired digital communications systems for use in consumer and government products.  This work included algorithm development and implementation , inter-process and inter-processor communication, port and device control, and data routing through the systems, and system integration. I also took charge of factory and site acceptance testing to verify compliance with contract specifications.

I took my career back to my audio roots to work involving feedback cancellation in digital hearing aids. I developed new feedback cancellation algorithms and worked closely with firmware engineers and other members of the team to get these algorithms into the products. I also worked closely with audiologists who conducted listening experiments with volunteer subjects to ensure the integrity of the product and its readiness for release.

I have returned to work on digital communications problems. These problems involve high speed data transmission and reception on moving and stationary platforms.

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