Trying New Things

Several years ago I got a call from a neighbor. Her young son had a part in a play and she said the director needed some adults for some of the parts. She asked if I would want to try out. Keep in mind I have never acted in a play before. The play was James and the Giant Peach. Children had most of the parts and the director wanted four adults to play the parts of the four bugs. I read the story many years ago and did not remember much about it. I assumed that the bugs played a minor part and so I went in to try out.

I tried out and they chose me to play the part of the Grasshopper. The Grasshopper narrates the story of the play; it is not a minor part! Although a little nervous about it I thought, how hard can it be? Other people do it. So I accepted the role and did my best and learned a new thing. I had a lot of fun and can say I would do that again. In fact, I did! I performed in a community theater performance of Seussical the Musical and had a blast again.

I read an article that tells of Prince planning to do a solo piano and microphone tour. In it he explains why he wants to put down his guitar and perform on piano alone on stage:

Why do this now? For several reasons. For starters it is a challenge. I rarely get bad reviews because this is something that’s been perfected 4 over thirty years. You have to try new things.

Life will give your Do not fear to take on new parts or roles in life. Try something new. How hard can it be? You will learn something new along the way and you just might find you like it!


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